Tattoo tights are so cute and now quite a common fashion wear! Unfortunately its often hard to find a design that is exactly what you want. Not to mention, some can cost quite a pretty penny.. so lets learn how to do your own! :D As the picture above shows its actually  very easy.

Materials: sheer tights, black (or whatever color) fabric paint or fabric marker, flexible cardboard, tape.

1. Get a pair of sheer tights.

2. Measure your calf or thigh or wherever you wanna put the design on with a flexible piece of cardboard.

3. Wrap cardboard around leg and tape it shut to make a cylinder

4. Draw design you want on cardboard.

5. Slip cardboard piece in area you want to put the design on.

6. While tights are stretching over the cardboard adjust the design to the right area of the tights.

7. Slowly and carefully draw or paint in design. Let dray and Ta-da!! 

For more precise instructions go here:

I’m gonna make a bunch of these now! :3